A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Work Day (27/4/2012)

Today actually no inspiration to blog, but after i saw what my boy wrote then i know what to write in my blog post for today already!

I never evil to him lo..is he don't know how to differentiate 'then' and 'than' again, which then made me very angry again lo! I tell you, he doesn't think before he speaks one lo..damn pathetic...ishk!

Today, as usual today is Saturday, which meant work day for both of us. I slept at 2.30 last night coz i was watching my drama...when i watch drama, i always try to faster faster finish it coz kan chiong ma and also i don't like to spend too many days on a show...hahah

I scold my boy is becoz i love him only i will scold him, thankfully he can take in scolding without being furious about it..i like him like that, very patient unlike me, say me a bit... i will spit fire out of my mouth edy! HAHAHAH!! hopefully next time when i marry him edy he'll still be that patient la...oh ya..i will only marry Eric Chang when he got money to marry me and all..or not i won't marry him... I will go mary someone else...HAHAHAHA

My bf blogged about our condo next time...wah, i saw the pic, very nice. i wanna stay in those kinda condo..got 'class' one le...hehehe...he have to faster faster find a proper job and earn a lot of money, so we can faster buy house!!

Now i Ft-ing my bf...and i don't know what to type anymore for this blog post, so i will just end here for tonight! 

Oh ya...S4 is out...i'm actually super excited to get my new phone...i hope he will faster faster help me ask Jia Hui's gf the price in Samsung for me!


Today LOVE rate = 98% (coz bad english)

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