A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 29 April 2013

Tony Stark! (29/4/2013)

Today we watched Iron man 3 =)...definitely a great show i would say, for eric, no need say la..he loves this kinda show...so eventho its bad he dud say it good...but no doubt this is a great 1..hahah.. watched till so kan chiong...and the ending was epic! Love it!

After that we were suppose to go back near his house and eat but he took a wrong turn and we headed to Shah Alam...haha i guess it was a good sign afterall, we had the char siew rice at Glenmarie...it's been so long since we had that..hahah...i really don't know what we ate...but the bill came out to rm35...i mean its fucking exp man at a kopitiam...hahaha...crazy man! i guess next time cannot order the tau geh edy...

After that we went back home, we took a nap at home..i was really really really sleepy...i woke up so early n head to gym after 2 weeks not waking up early...i can't believe i'm back to uni after 2 weeks break...so fast time passed!
I slept longer than my boy boy...he woke up earlier and he went n prepared dinner...but today's dinner bet ciak one actually...HAHAHA...the vege so oily and salty and the chicken no taste one i feel and the rice was so wet...overall today's cooking for Eric is 4/10... i just dare not tell him just now..scared he offended and tell his mum..i scared...LOL hope he don't tell his mum what i said!

Then after that, i got to drive back home...hooyeahhh~ my boy said my driving skills improved a lot edy...so happy! i like him as an instructor, he don't say me much de...my mum keep saying n saying n saying...my mood always ruined by her one man...damn fed up when i drive beside her! hahahah....
Oh ya, everytime i drive confirm sure jam one, but when boy drive then no jam one..so unfair one..ishk!

Reached home safely and i went and bath and wash up and hand in my assignment...finally getting a break but i have to read up some stuff before i go to bed...haha..
Hopefully tmr i dud be awake the whole day as my class ends at 5pm...and after that i would be gyring at Klang Club...for my dream body, i would do it eventho i'm death tired.

Ending my blog post here tonight!
Goodnight darling <3

Today LOVE rate = 100% + 100000%...

i love my bf super duper much much much!... i dud maary him once he start working n have proper income! =) prove to everyone that my bf is not a wrong choice!

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