A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Steak and more (23/4/2013)

I know the future you might be wondering how come i missed a day in blogging, so here is my explanation, yesterday i stayed over at my boy's house and so happen there was no internet connection the whole freaking day...what a day..ikr! but ut;s okay, his company made me so happy. 

Yesterday, my bf spent me to steak at Angus House at Publika..OMG, it was so awesome i tell you. I don't know how anyone can not fancy steak, it's the best dish ever created honestly! so juicy and tender the beef but the sauce wasn't out of my expectation, like my boy said, i'm still on the hunt for the best steak, when i speak of the best, it means 10/10! Angus's steak was 7/10, while TGIF steak was 9/10...i don't know when will my 10/10 steak arrive to me! I hope it's soon, since I'm such a fan of food. heheh =)

After Angus house, we went back home, i know he was anticipated for his car cause it was sent to repair before we left for Publika. I asked him want to listen to the iPod, he said no cause he wants to reach home fast...i mean, how does it relate right? HAHAH, it's not like if u listen to music i will arrive much slower...LOL...stupid boy of mine..

So we reached the work shop but work on his car was not done yet, so he left disappointedly back home.. arrive home to only discover that there is no Internet! so we started laying down on the bed, we played and played and tickle and played and tickle...it was so so so funny u tell..i had the best bed time with him ytd...love how he react to my tickles these days, he wasn't afraid of tickles last time, don't know why suddenly it changes..haha.. i of coz assume that his body fats has increased tremendously, thats why the ticklish feeling starts occurring. Kept telling him he need to exercise..but all he want is those kind of exercise on bed...how pathetic! LOL

We laid on bed till 5 plus only we left home for Curve, by that time, the car wasn't even ready yet.. I would say we wasted a lot of time at home but it was worth it for all the happiness on bed...hahah.. 

First thing we did in Curve was his spectacles. he watches porn with one side of his eye, that explains the one eye powered at 3.0 and another eye at 0.25...i encouraged him to buy the cheapest specs coz i know at the end of the day he would def want to change a new pair in 6 to 8 months time...thankfully he listened to me but i know he wasn't really that happy with it but it's for the best for now.. because he already overspend this month.

After dinner, we walked a bit and then went home. The moment he reached home, he asked about his car...hahaha... so we went down to briefly check on his newly repaired car. the repair cost rm1200...crazy!!

I was already death exhausted by the time i finish bathing but i had to do a li bit of work before i go to bed...I managed to hit 1000+ word before i finally decided to go to bed.. we cuddled each other to bed...love it =)

The day ended so well i tell you.. It was perfect...my bf is the kind of bf that i want. He does a lot of good things and he listen to thing i tell him... never felt this bless in my entire life...The only one thing missing is him getting a really proper job that would allow him to marry me soon =)

This morning, my bf woke up super early, earlier than me by 2 − 3 hours...haha..I'm so piggy these days, he's super hardworking and discipline these days i tell you..he wakes up 7 plus for a week plus edy and nv nap in the afternoon...i don't know what happened to him, he became such a super good boy i tell you... no one can ever imagine Eric Chang being like that le.

He woke up earlier to go wash his car becoz it was really dusty and he packed Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng for me...OMG...so loved le..he's such a good bf man ytd and today...

After breakfast, we laid down for a bit..was deciding whether to go watch a movie or go JPJ and get road tax done..ended up going to JPJ but didn't get the road tax done coz the insurance person made a freaking mistake that wasted our 1 hour time! wth la...only ruiner in my beautiful day! ishk!

but it's okay, after that we went to MBO for movie..we watched Oblivion. It was a rather good show i would say, beautifully made. then we had Subway. I treated my bf to Subway coz ytd he treat me to steak...heheheh =D

and after that he sent me home...wonderful 2 day spent with my bf. I super heart love heart love my bf to the max max max..

I hope things just get better and better in our life!!

Us ate JPJ in the afternoon!

Today's LOVE rate = 200%

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