A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Friday, 12 April 2013

PC Fair (12/4/2013)

Today was another day well spent with my bf, but i'm make it a quick post coz i'm tired of typing..LOL

After class went to KLCC with him and his bro for PC fair, i spent like Rm 350+ getting the screen protector, the iPad cover, the printer ink and most of all his birthday present; the Razer Deathadder mouse. It was supposed to be his surprise birthday gift but i can no longer surprise him cause it's cheaper by RM19 if i get them from the fair. So i guess, surprise completely failed.. sigh...now i have to think of smtg else but less exp la..LOL

After that, we went back to his place, ate dinner and all then left for my home edy.

My boy allowed me to drive back to Klang.. OMG...i tell you...scariest experience man..HAHAH.. I held onto the steering so tightly. He said my driving is dangerous coz i don't stick to my lane and i don't have good observation, a lot of sudden break...but i'm new, so he can't blame me la..LOL..i'll try to improve k bi, u just have to let me drive more often =P

For today, i'll be signing off now.. Goodnight <3

Today LOVE rate = 100%

p.s.: i hope baby love his early birthday present. I bought him that gift coz i know he likes gaming, if i buy him that then he won't go out so much and can teman me home more... i'm not encouraging him to play a lot of game but it's better than going out late at night.. =X

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