A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Long day? (4/4/2013)

Indeed, a very long day well spent with my Boy boy...
took the 6.40am train to Sungai Buloh to spend quality time with him..he was suppose to help me with music composition but guess what he did? Let see enlighten you with a picture.

Yeap! What he does best! Sleeping away while i'm doing my work.. such an ass!! but yet i still love him...urgh!

So after completed what i had to do...i took a short 30 mins nap...was supposed to leave home at 1 to Curve for meatballs but end up only left at close to 2pm... n we kinda spend more time than we expected in Curve... so rushed back at 5pm to get some recording done...and i started editing again... then guess what he did again? 

Yeap! SLEEP AGAIN! day la i come so far to have him accompanying me but he only sleep... 

Woke him up to help him with music composition and he did not show any interest in helping so forget about it..laptop close, work done for the day. Took a few pictures after watching Xiaxue's guide to life 'having a baby'...ahhh...made me feel like having a baby now too..the overwhelming feeling having your own flesh and blood in your hand after 9 months can't be describe with words.

Chatted and fooled around with him till 8pm before we went and get burger.. waited so long for my Daging double special tam bah cheese...so damn filling! never again am i getting another one next time..LOL

Had a quick dinner and then he sent me home...

My Bf talks dammn super a lot of nonsense...anything that comes out from him mouth are basically nonsense, crap and bullshit...seldom anything factual..but then again, he makes me laugh at his nonsense...i guess that's a good thing but also a bad thing coz sometimes he annoys the shit outta me... HAHAHAH

Oh yea, i drove...It's so so so damn fun driving and i don't think my driving skills are bad... it's just that my bf feels very insecure coz he's lame like that...HAHAHAH... i think as i go along, i wud def be more confident in my driving...cant wait to get my hands on the wheel again JYEAHH!!

Goodnight for now...amazing day...

Love rate today = 100%

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