A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Long day indeed (10/4/2013)

Long but happy day today...

Today i got a lot of things done...i finally did my brazillian waxing...FUCKING painful but worth all the pain, now i need not worry about having hair creeping out from my swim suit...i no longer have to keep pulling my swim suit to cover all those hideous hair...and she was very precise with the Brazillian wax...love her work... i also got my lower leg waxing but it wasn't really up to my expectation..i like Strip more when it comes to lower leg wax...heheh

After that we headed over to Sunway Giza cause our facial was around that area..I tell you my bf made me walk one whole big round around Giza cause he thought Urban Retreat Beauty is at Giza..OMG...made me sweat and all.. Finally got to relax for 3 hrs while i my pampered...heheh... Love facial though it hurts when it comes to extraction. The beautician who did my face was very friendly but she was very insistence when it comes to purchasing the package. Honestly speaking, i didn't want to get any package cause it was too expensive and all. Anyway i can get my facial done at rm48 at Herbaline while would i wanna travel all the way to Kota Damansara and pay RM68...but she was nice and all.. she even gave me special deals *i mean i guess she does that to all customer also*, she gave me the soft gel thingy for free too if i paid for my next treatment, i was like, okay fine, if i don't get em done, she'll never let me go..LOL

After that we headed to Curve, got to hug my hubby...and held hands with him while we waited for his brother to come have dinner with us...Had Sushi King...so full and satisfying...Had Japanese for both meals thanks to the Chang brothers...heheh..

Love my bf to bits...he's the most not kiam siap guy in the world.. even though he's not very rich now, but he still spend on me and i love it so so so much..Love you bibi <3

While i'm typing out this blog post, he's over at the comp playing his Dota...was thinking of taking a picture with him but he's too busy to even bother me..hahaha... so i had to take the pic without him noticing..here you go!

By the way, look at his fats there, he's so fat these days...OMG!!!!! losing all his muscle weight but gaining on fats thats why his body weight still remain the same...

Thanks to my bf, i managed to get all my things done..now is back to assignment =(

goodnight..sleeping with my hubby tonight.. 

Today's LOVE rate = 100%

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