A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Eric is idiot (2/4/2013)

In regards to my bf's 1st blog post, i finally realized that he likes to look at girls also...while waiting for me for 2 hours on Monday, he came to Taylor's subway claiming to have subway cookies and coffee but in actual, he just wants to look at Taylor's hot girls... he thinks i don't know

While watching my drama, i'm typing this post...my bf likes to provoke and offend me one...always like to speak nonsense to me and then later try to mend it up by saying some more non sense...i cannot stand this kind of imbecile character..

Told him so many time the different between a movie and a drama still he is so stupid to understand what i'm saying.. talking about stupidity, his 1st blog post have so many grammatical and spelling error... yet he still claim himself to be pro... pro my head lo...

I forced him to give me 2100, and he says i bully him... chey...say it's my birthday present but not fully paying it...like i paying for my own birthday present nie..

Today, like any ordinary day, went to gym in the morning, took weight...gonna be a weekly routine from today onwards.. jog and did step up.. Sukiya yesterday all burned...jyeah!

The bf is always tired, always and forever tired...he sleeps more than me yet he tells me he's tired...he doesn't do anything other than playing game yet he tell me he is tired...tell me how to not be angry and frustrated at him... always pissing me off with this petty stuff... 

Gonna watch running man for now... so i'll end my post here for the night..

P/S.: Pay my phone fully then i will forever be indebted to you..kthxbai!

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