A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Dream to Reality (26/4/2013)

My bf is a lazy pig...he dont wan to blog a lot of he came up with the 1 word blogpost thing again today and what's worst is his 1 word blogpost for the 2nd time round is the same word 


Don't know if its real or he just couldn't  think of any other thing to say..

I won't follow his 1 word blogpost...i want it to be long today cause i got things to say.

Last night i slept super late, slept at close to 3am cause my bf was telling me his Sabah stories...His life was really interesting but i don't think it's really a healthy lifestyle as long as one doesn't study...so i will not encourage my kids to be like that next time..when he's a father next time then he would know la..hahah

He kept going on and on about his Sabah, very interesting friends he got..i wish i cud meet his friend tho...but i know i can't follow him back to Sabah this trip round unless he come to my house and meet my parents...but then again, 1stly he needs to earn enough money first... 

I waited for him to come back from meeting Jia Hui by playing iPad games or not i think i dud have fallen asleep edy lo..

I woke up late also today, i woke up at 11.15am like that...hahah...i hate holidays honestly, holidays makes me suer lazy and tired...sigh! woke up thinking of doing my work today but end up doing a little and spending my time watching 'That Winter, The Wind Blow', such a great drama honestly..i love love love melodrama... Jo In Sung and Song Hye Gyo look so good together...ekkkk!...currently stopped at ep 8 cause my Facetiming my boy..

I watched till ep 6 then i went to gym at Klang Club, every time before i go gym, i wud be like, dammit, today don't need do much la..just do what u'r capable but every time i start with treadmill, my mindset completely change, it's like i know i wanna do 3km of treadmill at least before i leave... After treadmill, i set my mind on cycling, within 20 mins i did 7km, haven really cycle for a very long time edy and i kinda pushed all out... After that i did lunges n squad with 2kg weights...i know it's little but the more you do, the more you'll feel it pulling you down...hahah..

was very satisfy with my work out today...i hope my legs doesn't really hurt tmr cause i;m planning to head to the gym again today to burn some more calories!

I wanna look hot and sexy again an get ready for my bikini again... i know i have to put in lots of effort but i;m pretty sure i can make it...as long as my tummy fats is still around, i will not stop pushing myself...

Food wise, i know i can't stop myself from unhealthy food, so i have to put in that extra load in gym to pay for whatever i put inside my mouth!

Ending my post here...Goodnight baby!

Today LOVE rate = 70% (coz ytd he went out late, so today 70%, but today he didn't, so increase 70%, if he go out again, then will go to negative edy)

p.s.: My dream body at the moment, i hope my bf will encourage me and push me harder too..

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