A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Thursday, 18 April 2013

All was great until that moment (18/4/2013)

The day started off really good, i dreamed a good dream and after waking up, i knew i was heading to Jusco and i was gonna drive..

I thought i did great until that last moment where i was about to reach home, i almost knock someone's car, feeling so super remorse now..kept thinking about...i know it's an experience but i just don't feel good over such a mistake.

I just feel like driving some more now...i wanna get better at this...
I think that young guy must have got scared.. I hope he knows that i'm an amateur driver, still learning... sigh!

this morning, i was supposed to wake up to go to market with mum but i cudnt woke up...hahah..

While i was Facetiming with my boy see what kind of silly expression he does..

So ugly la i tell he...He's so super childish..i feel like i'm dating a kid!

I managed to read 2 journal articles...now onto the 3rd one...urgh! hate reading so much!

Ending my blog post here today n it's on 7.30pm now! hahaha


Today LOVE rate = 100%

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