A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Accidental (6/4/2013)

So, i did not mange to update my blog ytd night...my bf must be damn angry and sad coz i slept at 6.30am and did not woke up after that, i just seems like i died.. so so super tired from all the running and assignments. I think my exhaustion was cause by the day i went and friend my bf.. so i blame it on him.. =P

Yesterday, didn't manage to talk to him much, was in uni the whole day...busy dealing with class and then gym, plus he woke up at 2 plus...and by that time it was almost time for class again... so, it's his fault again we didn't get to talk much ytd... ALL ERIC CHANG'S FAULT!!!

Today, i had to work at 9am and mum told me Uncle Mak was coming over with Sabrina's present...i was expecting the least, like prob a iPod 5th gen but he surprised us with a mini iPad...gosh...Uncle Mak is so awesome..he makes a lot yet he gives out a lot too...ahhhhh~

Because ytd i slept for 13 hours so i decided to not take an afternoon nap or not i would be oversleeping edy...i don't wan to make that a habit.. so while i was missing out on my nap, i managed to get a little bit work done...was being such a bum, was just lazing on the bed while playing with the new iPad.. 

Honestly, i can't wait to get my hands on the new Galaxy S4 that i would be getting in 2 months time...urghh~ so long some more...

While typing out this post, i'm actually Facetiming my BF, he said he updated his blog already, so i checked it out...quess what he wrote?

'06.04.2013 - Saturday
Today LOVE rate = 95%

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