A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Monday, 1 April 2013

1st blog post (1/4/2013)

This is official a blog that my BF ERIC CHANG requested of me to create and post up something every single day.

So here I am speaking my daily thoughts here..

It's gonna be precise and quick...no beating around the bushes as time is precious.

Currently doing some readings n pinning down 500 words for my "blog" assignment while the bf is already death asleep cause we went out today. He's such a pig, we went out half a day and he said he's already death tired... blame his inconsistency in sleeping, thats what u get for not listening to your GF, Eric Chang.

So today 1st April, yeap, April Fool's day.. i initially wanted to prank him but i was too lazy to get my tricks done...i wanted to treat him to a oreo cookie with toothpaste replacing the cream but blah... too tired n lazy to get things done.

We had Sukiya for lunch after watching G.I Joe.. gosh, Lee Byung Hun's body is to die for...how i wish Eric have that body too.. *dream on sam*, your bf is too lazy to hit the gym..look at his tummy bulging, such an obscene sight...ekkkk!!

So blardy full coz i wanted the money spend worthwhile so i ate like a pig and the instant i left the restaurant, i felt so uneasy, the uneasiness still remains till now, 9.35pm... so nauseating.. so i guess, i won't be having Sukiya for prob 6 months to a year..

I guess this concludes my 1st post for this blog.. toodles while i wait for my Bf to update his blog.

P.S.: i seriously doubt my bf is able t last for a month of this blog posting routines... he's so lazy!

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