A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Saturday, 18 November 2017

What I Did in Cologne, Germany

Hello there, it's been officially 1 month since i came back from Germany/Italy, i believe it's time to blog about my adventure in Europe before it vanishes from my mind.

We departed from Malaysia to Singapore for a transit flight, took Lufthansa from Singapore to Frankfurt, Germany and there after took the train from Frankfurt to Cologne.

Where shall u begin? Let's start off with Lufthansa's service, it's horrendous, the crew weren't courteous at all, there were no menu to select what you want for dinner and worst of all the wine tasted so freaking dry. Thank god for being placed in the 2nd row and no one to my left, i had ample of space but the downside is, it's my 1st time on such a long distance flight, i had major problem sleeping. I had a max of 3 hours sleep throughout the entire 12 hours+.

Anyway, we arrived at Frankfurt at 6AM+, waited for an hour or so before our train will depart to Cologne, had my 1st sniff of fresh cold air at Frankfurt airport, so glad for the cold weather.
Train ride from Frankfurt to Cologne is about an hour and half.

Cologne Dom 

Arrived at the main station with our huge ass luggage 

Real plants smack right in the middle of the walkway in the central station.

The first thing upon arriving at Cologne's main train station, i was greeted with the view of the magnificent Cologne Dom. We hail a cab to get us to our Hotel, Dorint Hotel Koln Junkerdoft. It's quite a distance to town but our main source of transport is the tram LINE 1. So super efficient I tell you.. You can get to anywhere with the tram and guess what, there is no such thing as tapping in and out with a card or coin to ride the tram. No one knows if you pay for your ride or not. I guess the government trust their people and the people are honest enough to pay for their rides. Guess what, me and Shelley missed paying for our rides a few time. heheh #Cheaptrill but please don't learn from us.

Hotel reception

Anyway, right after putting out luggage, the first thing we did was to check out the neighbourhood, the nearest mall to Dorint Hotel Junkerdoft is the Rhein Centre, 2 tram stop from our hotel, appx a 10 - 15 mins walk. Passed by a grocery store, Penny. Stopped to get our fruits supply as well as water supply. Everything, and i mean EVERYTHING is in German, no secondary language, was tough for us to pick out what we needed, we wanted Distilled Water but ended up getting a Sparkling one instead, how did we conclude if that bottle is a distilled or sparkling? We shake it LOLOLOL, if there are lotsa bubble, it must be sparkling, this method has been proven to be unsuccessful cause we bought the wrong one.

I bought a new pair of Nike Huarache at Foot Locker, so fortunate that there was a pair of huarache on sales and it's just the right size, i wear kids size between. Shelley wanted to get a pair of Air Max but so unfortunate that there isn't any her size.

And, for the 1st time, i am exposed to the brand LUSH, I can safely say i spent the most money in LUSH throughout my 2 weeks trip. Bought 3 tub of Mask of Magnaminty, 1 tub of Rub Rub Rub Scrub and 1 cube of hair shampoo and 1 tub of facial wash. Most of the item has a short shelves life span of 3 months =( That means, i need to be very hardworking with my routine, no excuses to ensure my money is worth it.

Pizza to shared between the 2 of us. 

Rose <3 

Had dinner at a local restaurant at Rhein Centre, the worst spaghetti i have ever had, i mean how can they go wrong with spaghetti?

Anyway, the 1st day Jetlag hit me hard and with the lack of sleep the night before, by 5PM, i was already lying death on my bed. Woke up at 5AM or so, had a good solid 12 hours of sleep to kickstart my 2nd day.

2nd day, we had breakfast at this bakery call Riese, the hot cocoa was so so good, love the almond biscotti that comes with it. yum yummy

we visited Primark situated at Neumarkt, when Shelley said you will not find anything cheaper elsewhere, it's true. If only Malaysia Ringgit were doing better, just imagine a t-shirt for 2 or 3 Euro, wtf. I spent a total of 52 Euro in Primark itslf on summer clothing. There were probably clearing off all summer clothing to usher in Winter, so we came just the right time. NICE!

Had a simple meal overlooking the Neumarkt train station, food was good and sparkling was great too. Took a tram back to our hotel to place our bags before coming out again for dinner.

We wanted to spend dinner Fruh Am Dom, apparently very famous for the German knuckles/Sausages etc, no such luck for ASIAN girls like us. The house were filled to its brim, they had so much seats but just imagine, it's packed. We waited for 30 mins for a seat, when we finally had our seat and menu passed to us, the stupid waiter told us the table have been reserved. What fucking sorcery, he saw us waiting for that table for awhile and he even gave us the menu. Just because the table beside us could cater 4 and our table could cater 2, the waiter placed a sign there stating reservation for 6. We asked him if he had a replacement table for us, he said yes and then he vanished into thin air. We were so angry, just decided to walk off la. Wasted 45 mins in FRUH AM DOM for nothing. I guess it's common there, service sucks but yet the business is still running so well. Anyway, both of us decided to just get back to the hotel to sleep it off.

Weather makes my skin and hair looks so good! Felt like i was at my peak everyday when i was there.

3rd day was our first day of meeting, meetings after meeting but before our 1st meeting, we took the opportunity to put on our new gym top and ran around the housing area, boy it was cold but felt so good to be doing a little exercise. After preparing to head out, we had a huge craving for asian food, whip out our phone and search for the best Chinese restaurants in town. Found one call "Lai De Hao", it did satisfied our cravings momentary.

Had Koln Beer that comes in a tall thin glass. Very mild tasting beer, i like it!

The fair was packed with people, lotsa free samples too 

The view from Hyatt Regency, overlooking the Cologne Dom. Sun was slowly setting. :)

Took a stroll at the ANUGA fair and had a fancy dinner courtesy of St Dalfour principal at Grand Hyatt Regency. Mr Cooper, the owner of St Dalfour is an amazing man, he is 80 over years old, yet still so intelligent and on top of his game, movement a little slow but a brilliant brilliant man, so humble and down to earth. It's really great to be a distributor for St Dalfour in Malaysia. We had a 4 course meal, meal was great but the portion were humongous. I had trouble finishing my main course after the 1st two entree? IDK if it's call entree. Had a lot of sparkling wine and red wine. Was superb!

Took a cab back to the hotel cause the night ended late, if i may add. All cab in Cologne are freaking MERCEDES. TBH, it's not expensive hailing a cab, once again if Malaysia currency isn't that bad. *Deep Sigh*

Day 4 started out great, had breakfast just 200M away from our hotel, had some fancy pastries and Shelley had a sandwich, as usual Hot Cocoa was great!

We headed straight to Anuga for our meeting after breakfast, back to back meeting and the night ended with us having Thai for dinner with a previously-potential principal. Two humorous guy made the dinner so much more fun. Dinner ended at about 9PM+ and we took the tram back to the hotel. I slept very well every single night, it's like the moment i touch my bed, my natural instinct was to sleep. lol

Day 5, last the day that we will be at Cologne before flying off the next day. We had the entire day to ourselves after meeting one of our principal, took a good stroll at Anuga again, to slowly browse through what is available. Before we know it, it was time to meet our Korean principal. We walked from Kolnmessi across the love lock bridge and eventually arriving at the magnificent Cologne Dom. Spent a solid 15 mins there just looking at the structure and everything about it. It gives me goosebumps knowing that there are such beautiful structure out there with so much history. But it was a waste that i did not know that we were allowed to enter the Dom. :( Missed the chance to see what inside looks like. I googled up to see what the inside was like, and it disappoints me even more knowing that i did not had the chance to see it real life. =( I always wondered how these things are built in the ancient time, without much technologies etc.

Anyway, dinner was Korean food. HAHAHAHAH...

So, i had Chinese, Thai and Korean in Cologne but i did not even had any pork knuckle or proper german sausage. Can you believe it! Hmmmm...

Anyway, last night in Cologne were great, principal bought us dinner and we bought principal gelato in such cold weather. :P

Took the tram back, packed our bag and slept.

Last day in Cologne, i knew i was gonna miss the weather, the 12 - 15 degrees weather. Took Eurowing to Rome Airport for our next adventure. Stay tune for more.

Signing off,